Residents Guide

The following is provided for general information purposes. Residents should only rely on details as outlined in the corporation's declaration and bylaws.

Common Elements

Condominium living is a unique experience, in that individual owners share ownership of common property while retaining private ownership of their particular unit. The Rules and Regulations of the York Condominium Corporation #336 (the “Corporation”) are to assist all residents in enjoying ownership to the fullest.

Common Elements within a unit
There are certain elements within each unit which are common elements for your exclusive use, but which remain the responsibility of the Corporation. These include:

• The heating and air conditioning unit. This is a dual control system for heating and air conditioning

• Windows and screens. The outside of the inaccessible windows are cleaned twice a year. However, the owner is expected to clean the inside of the windows and both sides of the living room/balcony windows and sliding door

• Unit entrance door. The door is a common element, however, the lock is the responsibility of the owner.

• Balcony. The balcony is a common element for the exclusive use of the unit owner and can be painted at the owner’s expense in flat latex paint. The designated colour is Benjamin Moore 1551. Any carpeting placed on the balcony floor should not be permanent. It is to be removed during the winter to avoid deterioration of the concrete. It is prohibited to throw items over the balcony or throw water onto the balcony which will flow onto the neighbours below.

Storage Locker
Each unit has a designated storage locker located in the basement levels. Lockers for units on floors 1 through 10 are on the B1 level while lockers for units on floors 11 through 20 are on the B2 level. The locker can be found in the room numbered with your unit number. It is the unit owner’s responsibility to provide a lock for the locker. Lockers are for storage of non-perishable items only. Storage of items that may attract rodents or are a fire hazard are prohibited.
A key to the room in which your locker is found can be obtained from the Superintendent (deposit required).

Parking Garage
The parking garage is common to each of the four buildings. The garage is colour coded to identify parking spaces for each building. The colour codes are as follows:
240 Scarlett = Blue
250 Scarlett = Green
260 Scarlett = Orange
270 Scarlett = Purple
Visitor Parking = Yellow

Your designated parking space is a common element for your exclusive use. Please ensure that your vehicle is in proper working order. Although the corporation has the parking garage cleaned at least once a year, it is your responsibility to properly clean up any leaks from your vehicle.

Vehicles parked in the traffic lanes in the underground garage are subject to tagging and/or towing.

A flashing red light at the upper right hand corner of the entrance indicates the door is locked. The door can be opened with a “ramp” key inserted into the lock located on the left hand side at the top of the ramp. An automatic door opener is available for purchase at a hardware store which can be programmed by the Superintendent. A key can be obtained from the Superintendent (deposit required).

Remember to lock your doors and do not leave any valuable items or belongings in plain view.

Visitor Parking
Visitor parking is colour coded in yellow and located on the B1 level. Vehicles that are parked overnight must be registered with security in order to avoid being tagged and/or towed. To register your guest’s vehicle, call 416-658-1604 and press #2. You will be required to provide the make, model, colour and license plate of your guest’s vehicle as well as the length of time that the vehicle will remain. The operator will provide you with a verification number.

Vehicles parked on posted Fire Routes are subject to parking tickets by the Toronto Police Department and/or may be tagged/towed by the Corporations. Contractors may park at the right hand side of the top of the entrance ramp. As space is limited, please contact the Superintendent to authorize parking on the ramp.

Garbage Disposal and Recycling Room
Non-hazardous and non-recyclable household waste is to be deposited down the garbage chute located on every floor next to the elevators. Recyclable and hazardous garbage is to be taken to the recycling room. Ensure that non-recyclable waste is securely tied in small plastic bags before sending down the garbage chute. Do not leave any waste on the floor next to the garbage chute. Dry garbage which is too large to be sent down the chute must be taken outside to the garbage area located between the two garage exit doors. Do not place kitchen garbage (i.e. food waste) in the outside main disposal area.

Recyclables are to be taken to the recycling room located on the B1 level. There is no need to sort your plastic vs. paper recycling. However, rinse any plastic jars or bottles before taking them to the recycling room. Recyclables are to be place in the large blue bins. Do not place kitchen garbage (i.e. food waste) in the recycling room.

Hazardous materials, such as batteries, are to be deposited in the small metal bin provided by the City.

Used clothing donations can be placed in the bin provided by the Cerebral Palsy Association of Canada. This bin is located in the recycling room.

Management Responsibilities

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors consists of 5 members who are elected for three year terms. Elections for vacant or expiring positions are held during the Annual General Meeting in June of each year. The Board manages the affairs of the Corporation and ensures that the property manager carries out their assigned duties. It is also responsible in ensuring that there are sufficient funds to pay for the day to day operations as well as the estimated costs of future major repairs and replacements. The Board is also responsible in enforcing the Condominium Act and take appropriate steps in any breach of Condominium Rules. The Board meets on a monthly basis to review the financial statements and discuss any matters affecting the Corporation.

Representatives from each of the four building’s Boards form a Joint Committee. The Joint Committee meets periodically to discuss matters that affect all four corporations, for example, landscaping, snow removal, security and parking.

Property Manager
The Property Manager’s primary function is to manage the entire property and the corporation’s staff. The management company is responsible for the collection of maintenance fees from all owners as well as payment of all expenses incurred to maintain the property. They are responsible for the preparation of the annual budget and the monthly financial statements. They are also required to deal with any problems or complaints that may arise.

The Superintendent reports to the Property Manager. The superintendent is responsible for the general maintenance building’s common areas as well as ensuring the duties of the cleaning staff are performed. The superintendant is responsible fro taking prompt and effective action in an emergency situation such as floods, fires, power failures, etc. The superintendent also has the authority to enforce the rules and regulations of the Corporation.

In an emergency situation, access to your unit may be required. The superintendent should have a copy of all keys. These keys are coded and stored in a locked box. If entry to a suite is required and the key has not been provided, any locksmith fees will be charged back to the owner.

The Superintendent’s regular working hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Any requests, which are not an emergency, must be in writing and deposited in the mail slot of unit #110.

In an emergency, such as a flood, the Superintendent can be reached at 416-769-4704. During off duty hours, alternative contact information is available on the superintendent’s phone message and posted on the suite door.

If you witness any incidents of vandalism or suspicious persons on the property, contact the superintendent or the night security personnel at 416-658-4536


Swimming Pool
Each corporation has its own outdoor swimming pool which is open June to Labour Day. Each year a pass card is sent to each owner which must be shown to the lifeguard in order to enter the pool area. Change rooms and showers are provided.

The Health and Safety rules and regulations are updated each year. The updated rules and regulations are sent to all owners prior to the pool opening and are posted in the lifeguard’s office.

Refer to the attached rules and regulations as of June 2010.

2011 Swimming Pool Rules

Separate men and women saunas are located on the B1 level.

Exercise Room
An exercise room is located on the B1 level. Treadmills, stationary bikes and universal gym are provided.

Hours of operation are 6:30 am to 10:30pm

Social Room
A social room is located on the B1 level. Functions, open to all residents, are organized throughout the year by the Lambton Square Social Club. The social room is also available for private functions (deposit required). The reservation request form is available from the Superintendent.

Bicycle Room
A bicycle storage room is located in the P1 level of the parking garage. Bicycles are not to be transported on the elevator. The use of bicycles and in-line skates in the building is a violation of bylaws. A key may be obtained from the Superintendent (deposit required).

Car Wash
A car wash bay is located in the B2 level. Two options are available. A coin operated power car wash is available from 9:00 am to 10:00pm. Rate is $1 for 3 minutes. Alternatively, a hot and cold water tap is available, however, you will need your to bring your own hose. A key for access to the taps may be obtained from the Superintendent (deposit required).

The library is located on the ground floor next to the elevators. It is managed by a volunteer library committee. Donations are accepted, however, please speak with the librarian on duty prior to leaving any books.

Hours of operation are posted by the library entrance.

Laundry Room
The laundry room is located on the ground floor next to the elevators. Washers and dryers are available for a fee and a sink is provided for your convenience.

Hours of operation are 8:00 am to 10:30pm